December 4, 2012

now you're my whole life..

now you're my whole world.
i just can't believe
the way i feel about you girl.
like a river meets the sea
stronger than it's ever been.
we've come so far since that day..
and i thought i loved you then.

hello blog!
i've missed you.
lots has happened!
biggest thing..
we became mr&mrs.

this was the best day of my life.
i wish i could just relive it over & over!
being married is so fun
& i LOVE living in our cute house!

in other news..
the hubby got on a fire station!
he's working part time for
washington terrace fire.
he loves it so far 
but the adjustment to being a fire-wife
has been rough!
he works two other jobs.. 
so i rarely see him.
he's been picking up the night shift,
that way he won't have to take the day off
at his full time job.
let me just say...
sleeping along sucks!
but i'm grateful he's so selfless
& has a job where he can really help people.

november bugged me.
all of the gratitude blog posts bugged me.
it's just sad to me that it all turns into
a competition or bragging.
& why does everyone think you can only
show your gratitude in november?
i was always taught..
that actions speak louder than words.
if you're really grateful for this or that..
prove it.

then : brad paisley

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Nick and Terryn said...

Day 46. I am grateful for my shiny new boots. They really do light up my life.